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Type of company Gas Meters, Water Meters, Heat/Cooling Meters, Electricity Meters, System and Software, Meter Management, System Management, Data Management
Year of foundation 2010
Country/Countries Germany, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, U.A.E.
Address Diehl Metering/ Diehl Gas Metering GmbH
Industriestraße 13
91522 Ansbach
Fax: +49 9 81 18 06 - 325
Website/Homepage www.diehl.com/metering
Short profile As a full-service provider, Diehl Metering supplies the entire process chain from meters to billing. Producing 7 million meters and 4.6 million radio modules per year, it is one of the major players in the international industry. The companies of the corporate division Diehl Metering have shaped the history of metering for more than 150 years.
Using highly accurate meters and intelligent system solutions for automated remote reading for all types of energy in combination with smart metering solutions, Diehl Metering ensures the economic and environmentally-friendly use of water, thermal power, gas and electricity.
Long profile Solutions from Diehl Metering for the intelligent use of water and energystrong>

The industry is changing: water and energy utilities can develop new segments through services and accurate billing of consumption. End consumers are becoming more demanding – and the energy turnaround also asks for new concepts for the sustainable use of water and energy.
Diehl Metering has the solution: Our intelligent metering, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems and energy services make water and energy utilities fit for the future and show new ways for value creation.

As a full-service provider we supply the complete process chain from meter to billing – and with an annual production of 7 million meters and 4.6 million radio modules Diehl Metering is one of the major players in the international industry. The 14 companies in the Diehl Metering division have shaped the history of metering for over 150 years. Pioneering technologies and new products have always been developed inhouse. Our worldwide production and sales network secures our strategic position in the international growth markets.

Diehl Metering supplies meters for reading the entire energy spectrum – from water, thermal energy and gas to electricity. Our answer to legislative requirements and specific national and market features is tailor-made, future- orientated solutions. The complete Smart Metering infrastructure can be supplied from one source on request. The product spectrum ranges from meters, system engineering, software, implementation and operation of the solution to data services for energy supply and billing.

Diehl Gas Metering – a company of Diehl Metering develops and produces gas meters since 2010. With our product line AERIUS, which is based on the principle of microthermal flow measurement, our customers profit from high measuring accuracy, reproducibility, long-term stability and system capability due to integrated communication interfaces.

The orientation to integrated solutions focuses on the customer: Diehl Metering helps water and energy utilities all over the world to make their internal processes more efficient, reduce power peaks, cut time, work and costs – and offer their consumers more service and convenience at the same time. Diehl Metering contributes to improved cost-effectiveness, enables the sustainable use of natural resources and energy, and paves the way for Home Automation, Smart Grid und E-Mobility.

Whatever you need, Diehl Metering has the solution.

For more information visit www.diehl.com/metering
Number of employees 2020