Flonidan A/S


Type of company FLONIDAN is owned by AVK Group, an industrial group comprising 80+ companies and 3.400 employees.
Year of foundation 1982
Country/Countries Worldwide
Islandsvej 29
8700 Horsens
Website/Homepage www.flonidan.com
Short profile FLONIDAN designs, develops and sells gas metering solutions. We are among the world market leaders in smart gas meters and an important provider of data communication components to water, electricity, heat and gas meters.
Long profile FLONIDAN solutions are employed by professionals in public and private energy companies to ensure accurate metering and billing. Our product range entails both smart gas diaphragm meters as well a new ultrasonic gas meter, SciFlo®, which excels both in range and size. Knowledge, innovation and relation building are the keystones of FLONIDAN. We have almost 40 % of our employees engaged in R&D and quality assurance. We carry the ISO 27001 information security certification as well as the ISO 9001 quality certification. In past years FLONIDAN has experienced a strong and rapid growth, following the European roll-out of smart meters and enabled through strategic partnerships.
Number of employees