Honeywell Gas Technologies GmbH


Type of company Design and manufacture of natural gas control equipment and safety devices for the most demanding applications.
Year of foundation 1908
Country/Countries global distribution
Address Honeywell Gas Technologies GmbH
Osterholzstrasse 45
34123 Kassel, Germany
Short profile Honeywell Gas Technologies is your worldwide partner for the gas industry. The comprehensive range of HGT products and systems provides you with a total solution for all your gas control needs.
Long profile Honeywell Gas Technologies, a division of Honeywell Process Solutions, is a trusted partner wherever gas needs to be moved or stored. HGT has unmatched experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of natural gas control equipment, regulating products and safety devices for the most demanding applications. HGT also provides control stations for compressed gas (CNG) fuels and the growing biogas market in Europe. All HGT products are designed, engineered and manufactured to maximize added value once combined in an integrated system. This leads to reduced uncertainty, higher reliability, lower risk and reduced maintenance costs. Regulation technologies play a central role in all gas pipeline solutions. With increasing transport distances and the ever-growing concentration of regional transport networks, the demands on these technologies continue to rise. As an industry leader, HGT has a considerable influence on the standards of the world gas infrastructure. With a strong global presence through our channel partners and a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, HGT is an ideal single-source supplier to meet the gas regulation needs of the industrial market.
Number of employees 300
Subsidiaries Honeywell Bryan Donkin Gas Technologies Ltd., UK and CAN; WÄGA Wärme-Gastechnik GmbH, Germany