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Logo MESURA OFFICIAL Cavagna Group Company small

Type of company Fabrication d’appareils de détente et régulation gaz
Year of foundation 1949
Country/Countries France / Italy / India

Mesura SAS
Rue Robert Bunsen, CS 50102
57602 Forbach Cedex - France

Contact person Julien Lallement
Telephone +33 (0)3 87 854 697
Fax +33 (0)3 87 870 362
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Long profile Mesura founded in 1949 with headquarters in France, is the head of a group of companies that design, manufacture and sell components, systems and services for regulating and measuring Natural Gas. MESURA develops and produces for Natural Gas and LPG covering utility use up to 20000 m3/h and 100 bar of operational pressure from residential application to cover transport needs for the construction of city gates and systems for regulating transporting and distributing Natural Gas in both civil and industrial gas supply networks. MESURA produces also equipped gas metering boxes. Today Mesura has production plants in France, Italy and India.
Number of employees 55