Valvitalia S.p.A.

Type of company VALVITALIA Group is an Italian manufacturer that operates globally across different markets, such as the Oil, Gas, Power and Water industries.
Year of foundation 1907. In 2002 we entered in Valvitalia Group.
Country/Countries Plants: Italy, United States and others in China, India, Abu Dhabi. U.K.
Offices: Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Alger, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Moscow, Calgary, Switzerland, along with more than 50 representative companies all over the world
Address Via Campolongo, 97
35020 Due Carrare (PD)
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Short profile We design and manufacture Systems and Equipment for different markets, such as the Oil, Gas, Power and Water industries.
Long profile Established in 1907, Tormene Gas Technology was a successful Company dedicating its activity to the design and production of ball valves and Natural Gas Treatment Equipment for industrial, civil and power generation applications. Tormene Gas Technology was among the first industrial Companies to address the problem of quality in a wholly innovative manner and was a leader in the implementation of all the major process control protocols and to make inroads in the application of instruments and techniques capable of instigating quality rather than simply checking production standards. The Company’s attainment of prestigious certifications underlines a level of overall quality unmatched in the sector: high standards of quality and service, research and innovation in terms of technological and management expertise.
In 2002 Tormene Gas Technology entered in Valvitalia Group, the unique worldwide manufacturing Group with a so wide range of products, continuing to give to its clients a satisfactory Customer Service & Maintenance. In 2005 Tormene Gas Technology S.p.A. was incorporated into Valvitalia S.p.A. and in the end of 2006 its name was changed into VALVITALIA S.p.A. – TGT TORMENE GAS TECHNOLOGY DIVISION.
With effect from 01st January 2010, it has been decided to change the name of TGT Tormene Gas Technology Division, being present in the market with a wide range of products, including Packages not only for Natural GAS application, but also for several kinds of different fluids: Valvitalia S.p.A. – TGT Tormene Gas Technology Division has been renamed as VALVITALIA S.P.A. – SYSTEMS DIVISION // VALVITALIA is an Italian manufacturer operating across different markets (Oil, Gas, Power and Water industries). Manufacturing plants, associated assembly centres, service and support facilities, and offices in numerous countries around the world make Valvitalia an industry leader. The ability to meet such a wide range of any client’s needs, all managed from one single point of contact makes Valvitalia a unique company in the industry.
Number of employees Valvitalia Group: 1.038